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LIVE MUSIC FOR EVENTS | Jazz band, Lounge band, Ladies Trio, French chansons, Solo singer

Singer Susanne Gmelch, her bands and ensembles offer tasty and high-quality live music for every kind of occasion - whether gala, corporate event, dinner event, reception, award ceremony and much more, or a private celebration. As a concert highlight or as discreet but beautiful background music, in a small or large line-up, it will be the right live music accompaniment for your event as well.

GOLD Supreme

Jazz Band | Lounge Band

.. plays mainly lounge / dinner music, both in small and large ensembles. The repertoire includes pop, soul, jazz, swing & more, the line-up ranges from duo to large band.

Susanne Gmelch is the "Goldkehlchen", the flexible "goldmine" of professional musicians from the German music scene gives you the choice of many different instrumentation options, such as piano, guitar, electric bass / double bass, saxophone, violin, percussion and much more. 

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Ladies Trio

... is an extraordinary women's ensemble that convinces with its successful blend of modern music and classical instruments. Well-known hits from pop, jazz, chansons & co. are performed in a refreshing new way. 


Singer Susanne Gmelch enchants with her multifaceted voice and is sometimes carried by tender, sometimes by groovy string sounds, virtuoso piano playing and / or more. 

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GOLD Chansons

French Chanson programme

Singer Susanne Gmelch sings French chansons - from Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour to Zaz and Celine Dión.  As a duo, trio or in a large band. Suitable as highlight or background music for your event.

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   Susanne can also be booked for SOLO performances.

Please feel free to contact us directly via the contact form or by phone.


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