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Singer with power and soul

As a duo, with jazz band or a women's trio - the choice is yours

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Experience musical excellence led by a charismatic singer.

Your requests shape the musical experience - organise your event with live music that touches and inspires.

  •  With jazz band: Enjoy Susanne's voice accompanied by a top-class jazz band that offers smooth jazz, swing, lounge and more - perfect for an elegant ambience.

  •  With female ensemble: Let yourself be enchanted by an extraordinary female trio who will present well-known hits from pop, jazz, chansons & more in a unique and refreshing way.

  •  French chansons: Immerse yourself in the world of deep emotions with a special programme dedicated to French chansons - for moments full of passion and longing.

  •  Solo performances: Experience the singer in her purest form, accompanied by high-quality instrumentals for intimate dinner events.

Showreel Susanne Gmelch

performance impressions MissesGOLD, GOLD Supreme, GOLD Chansons, SUSAN X, SUSANN

Pop, Soul, Jazz, Chansons, Swing & more, cover music & original compositions


Susanne's "marvellous voice" (HZ), her presence and calm charisma give us a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a haven of peace. The warming (musical) embrace that we all need sometimes.

She moves light as a feather through even the most difficult passages with a velvety voice. As a full-blooded professional, she is experienced and knows exactly what she can bring out of her voice - but she is by no means calculated. You can feel how every note flows through her body and how she gives herself completely to the songs time and again.


Whether with her own projects or at the head of cover bands, over the years the musician has proven how versatile she is. Susanne's passion are the soft tones: with her current projects, she moves skilfully between gentle pop, soft soul, shimmering smooth jazz and dramatic, melancholic chansons filled with longing. With her soulful voice and a wide-ranging repertoire from Norah Jones, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Whitney Houston & Co. to Edith Piaf, Yves Montand, Zaz & Co., soul classics and jazz standards to current pop / rock, she has thrilled audiences at hundreds of performances at home and abroad.


Susanne's passion are the soft tones: with her current projects, she moves skilfully between sensitive pop, gentle soul, shimmering smooth jazz and dramatic, melancholic, yearning chansons. 


Perfect for corporate events, galas, receptions, award ceremonies, dinners or private parties, whether with a small or large band line-up.


 "No words - goosebumps. What an amazingly talented singer!"

Wow, what a voice! We were absolutely fascinated, electrified, it was just wonderful.  Absolutely high quality, stylish, friendly - a direct hit.


The audience was totally thrilled by the performance and the vocal performance! Just wonderful!
We would recommend Susanne and her musicians at any time and book them again. Absolutely a class performance.

We have booked GOLD Supreme for IFA. The performance was super! People liked it very much! Susanne was excellent.


The Berlin singer has already thrilled audiences at hundreds of top events such as the Federal Press Ball, the German Citizens' Prize, the Club of Rome Salon, political events, corporate events for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Porsche AG, Canon, at congresses, award ceremonies, the IFA, the jazzopen, performed for JazzRadio and many more.

More about Berlin Singer Susanne Gmelch

More about Susanne Gmelch and her career can be found under biography, press reviews and also more customer testimonials at references.


Of course there is also an expressive Instagram profile, a Youtube channel with more live videos, music videos and studio impressions of her gala band / jazz band, her female band and also of her as an artist with her own programme. Her album "Verbrannte Erde" can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon.

Susanne Gmelch | Instagram

Susanne Gmelch | Youtube

CREDITS: Pic Pia Schweisser Photography; Hair & MakeUp Tina Schork; Dress ACBY

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