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Susanne Gmelch is singer, composer and lyricist. She sings with passion, with soul, is heart and voice of several music projects. 

Susanne Gmelch began her education as both a pop and classical singer at age 11, at age 13 she gave her first solo concert. Years later she performed with countless great musicians, e.g. at jazzopen besides Joss StoneSolomon Burke and Kyle Eastwood, at high-profile events such as Bundespresseball and Deutscher Bürgerpreis, with Roger Cicero and his big band. She opened the show for fashion brand RIANI at Berlin Fashion Week, performed for a a sold-out audience for JazzRadio and many more. 

With her soulful voice and wide range of songs and music styles - from Norah Jones, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston & more to Edith Piaf, Yves Montand & more, from soul classics, jazz standards, and french chansons to current pop / rock songs - she enchants during several hundred shows both in Germany and around Europe.


She performs with her different music projects like GOLD Supreme and MissesGOLD, does concerts with her own music, releases several CDs and singles. Besides that she worked as a vocal coach for multiple years and arranges for MissesGOLD.


Grown up in a small town in Bavaria, she lived in Stuttgart for several years. Susanne Gmelch now lives in Berlin.  

Susanne Gmelch Pressefoto
Soulyla - Heiße Schokolade - CD Cover
Soulyla - Alles Anders - CD-Cover
SUSANN - Verbrannte Erde - CD Cover
SUSAN X - Breathing - CD Cover
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