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Video Cover
Vido Eigenes

Susanne with GOLD Supreme

Susanne with MissesGOLD

- concert impressions with live loops -

Susanne with GOLD Chansons

Susanne as SUSAN X

Susanne as SUSANN performing

"Alles anders"

SUSANN performing "Berlin"

with guests CATT & FINN

SUSANN performing "Was wäre wenn"

"You might need somebody"

Live Tape Recording 

@ Mission Control Studio, Berlin

Potsdam TV Screenshot 1.png

TV Interview (2019)

SUSANN live 2019

"Alles anders" - live 2018

"Berlin" - live 2019

"Ein Schlaflied" - SUSANN live 2018

SUSANN - Trio live 2018

"Was wäre wenn" - live 2014

"Ausgerechnet ich" - live 2014

"Was wäre wenn" - Remix 2014

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